Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Midsummer Night's Dream - Performance

Hi, All,

It’s July 1, and on July 3 I leave for Ashland, Ore., to see a Midsummer Night’s Dream performance. Is there anything you would like me to look for? I’ll focus on the two Titania passages Randall worked with in his June 28 posting, especially to note how the director (or actress) understands poetry, and whether the dramaturg edits. Also if Bottom is played as a pompous oaf, the rest of the mechanicals will be stupid and “Pyramus and Thisby” would be farce and will have no chance to explore the nature of dramatic illusion. And, of course, I will be focused on Hippolyta in the first scene, especially on Theseus’s “what cheer my love.” I already know the production will not double cast, so I hope to have something to say about two productions I have seen that did comment on the important insight such casting had on the play.

I’ll also see Othello, Coriolanus, and Comedy of Errors. Any suggestions? I’ll be computerless so tell me soon, though I may phone Randall, so you could pass on suggestions to me through him.


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