Monday, October 9, 2006

Richard III - Film Version, 1994

Hey all!

A couple of weeks ago, PBS broadcast the 1994 version of Richard III with Ian McKellan as our beloved Dastardly Dick. I saw it when it came out and liked it then, despite my cowardly boyfriend, at the time, who buried his head in my shoulder during the scene when the queen's brother is skewered from under the bed. So much for the expression on the character's face being one of ecstasy, eh?

Has anybody else seen this one? I would love hearing your thoughts. Quick thoughts: loved Maggie Smith, as always. Ian McKellan, fun. I howled during his "a horse, as horse..." lament. The scene where the kingdom rallies behind Richard? The Nazi imagery? chilling.

Question: where was Margaret? Did I miss her amidst the sea of exams I was grading whilst Richard III was on my telly?


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