Monday, June 5, 2006

RE: 2 Henry VI - Muddle, Muddle, Toil ...


I get it now. And I'm game. (Or gamey; it's 85 degrees and I've been gardening.) What's more, my schedule is clear so I can be pretty quick to sing my part, after Mike. If Mike's available, I'd recommend he jump in even earlier, if possible. Act I has four scenes, so Mike and I would toss the Act back and forth for a few days, then Ernst could jump in with his impressions of Act 1 and/or responding to our e-mails. If we got off the ball early next week, we'd still have time to read the rest of the play by the weekend, when Gil launches the big boat.

Intriguing approach. Mike? Ernst? Wanna try to make it work?

As for Herny, isn't that Hernia's brother? I hear that when she threw over Demetrius for Lysander her father wanted to cancel her truss fund.


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