Monday, June 5, 2006

2 Henry VI - Muddle, Muddle, Toil ...


Sorry, sorry, sorry. I just thought if none of us knew 2 Henry VI very well, we could find a way to go really gently. We are due to finish reading on June 16, and I am due to post first on June 17. My proposition, open to objections, modifications, or forgetaboutit's would be: somewhere about June 12 to 15 Mike would explore Act I, scene 1 (only), without reading any farther. When we get that, Randall would read that and explore Act I, scene 2. Ernst could go next, one more scene, though I proposed Act I, scene 3 go back to Mike, then Act I, scene 4 to Randall. If, possibly, Ernst has an audio tape, he could write an "initial impressions," I thought of the whole play, but it might be better on only Act I. Then, as per schedule, your host would come in with introductory responses to the whole play on June 17.

My point, referring to Prof Matchett on King John, was for all of us to explore how the "puzzle" is put together. Some of the commentators assert 2 Henry VI was written first (before Part 1), so we could be in the presence of Shakespeare inventing the genre. " Explore" could mean exposition, plot, character, language, imagery, or Freudian discovery of deeply embedded phallic symbols.

If this seems awkward, conflicts with schedules, or is silly, then everybody sit tight, read, and wait to hear from me next on June 17.


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