Monday, April 17, 2006

RE: Titus Andronicus - Lost in the Wilderness

Again, very nicely put by Randall. Do we need additional summary?

Interesting to compare the pastoral realms here. I would argue that the young lovers in A Midsummer Night's Dream don't really change much as a result of their sojourn in the woods. They end up as the same dull patricians they start out as, pretty much--at least the men (and, arguably, Hermia).

As opposed to Lear and Othello (and As You Like It and Twelfth Night) we don't see the characters change or grow much in the process of their pastoral journey. Lucius does try to reassert Roman Order in his final actions, but he doesn't grow much as a character, really. He is (arguably) "changed," but he is no Orlando, that's for sure.

I continue to wonder what the law students who were in the process of becoming much enamored of Shakespeare during these days would see in the play.


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